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P R O   P L A Y E R S  – Y O U T H  &  C L U B S


In a structured manner and with a very personal approach A-Group offers the right guidance and support for professional players in every stage of their career. Thanks to our team of experts, our international network of top level contacts and our guidance backed up by our own experience in international football, A-Group creates an environment where players can focus only on their professional life. The player’s interest is at the centre of everything we do.

That way, we nurture a qualitative life, both during and after the player’s career.The interest of the player is at the core of our method and is supported in the best way possible. This way, we establish the right basis for a strong and stable career as well as a qualitative life, also after the client’s active career


The right guidance of a highly talented youth player is crucial for the optimal development of his talent. Together with parents and environment of our young players we offer the right advice in a complex professional environment, thanks to our personal experience as a player for Ajax, FC Sevilla and KRC Genk.


A-Group empowers clubs in scouting of both upcoming and settled professional players. In close and confidential contact and starting from the club’s philosophy, we aim to get the right player to the perfect club and negotiate a transfer in a win-win situation.

We rely on a broad and multi-disciplined network of contacts that always thinks and acts in terms of the need of the club.


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