Starting from a detailed analysis, we map the financial situation of our players. Together with the client and our financial planning division, we build a detailed and flexible plan with focus on the future and with strong emphasis on quality of life during and after his career.

Our approach is built on 4 pillars:

Personal approach and guidance
Combining expertise from various backgrounds
Full transparency and strong visualisation of asset management

Establishment of durable relationships

The financial life of a top sports person should match his real career flow. We aim to develop a plan from scratch that is able to evolve with the career of the player and is flexible at all times. This way, we are permanently able to anticipate to important changes and are able to adapt adequately to unexpected situations.

A personal approach created by a range of experts:

Fiscal optimisation
Asset management
Pension management
Risk insurance
Credit management – financing
Financial planning (tool that includes everything in a structured way)
Legal advice


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